The Swiss Private Bank For Digital Assets

Core competencies

A company’s commercial success totally depends on continual, sustainable business process optimization and the value that it creates. Up-to-date information technology is virtually indispensable for ensuring that information like documents, messages, decisions, appointments and deadlines reaches recipients promptly. To achieve this, business needs have to be aligned with security requirements and the company’s information technology infrastructure. Security objectives like confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, availability and non-repudiation must all be absolutely sound for the company’s line of business.

SIAG is the internationally recognized specialist for dependable and highly secure storage, exchange and management of digital information at every point in its lifecycle. Professionally trained, experienced security experts are on hand to advise clients all the way from identifying the risks, to efficiently and effectively minimizing them.

SIAG focuses on security outsourcing – providing bespoke, managed security services for our demanding clients. Information security solutions are delivered from redundantly configured, high-security data centers, monitored around the clock by a team of highly qualified security analysts and engineers.

The technologies underlying these innovative security services first have to meet every one of SIAG’s rigorous evaluation criteria.

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