The Swiss Private Bank For Digital Assets

About the company

SIAG Secure Infostore AG is your private bank for your digital assets. We provide high-quality, innovative security services to discerning national and international clients.

Our commercial success rests on the trust that our clients place in us – trust in our operation, and the expertise we contribute. That trust is both a sound platform, and a vital prerequisite to providing individual, credible, comprehensive advice on information security issues. Our aim to efficiently minimize the risks, or eliminate them altogether, focusing all the time on clients’ specific needs. They in turn benefit from tailored, highly secure, Swiss-made solutions. For our part, discretion and privacy in client relationships are givens.

We are completely independent – not only financially, but also in our philosophy and mode of operation. That enables us to continually incorporate the latest, most secure methods and technologies in our operational business of delivering information security services.

SIAG services are uniformly subject to Swiss law, thus providing a further layer of dependable protection for your digital assets.

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